1. How do I activate my Cash Card Prime?
  2. Your Cash Card Prime will be activated within 24 hours after receipt of the card.

  3. Do I need to cash in first to activate my Cash Card Prime?
  4. Your cash card prime will be activated within 24 hours after getting the card, no need to cash in first.

  5. How do I cash into my Cash Card Prime?
  6. There are three ways to cash in, one is you can cash in at any USSC branch, second is you can transfer funds from your Panalo Wallet using your USSC Super Service App, and third is you can do bank transfer if you have a BDO, BPI, or Unionbank account.

  7. Is the cash transfer be credited immediately or real-time?
  8. Yes, the cash in or cash transfer will be credited real-time.

  9. How much is the cash transfer fee?
  10. The service fee is P10 per cash in.

  11. How much is the cash out/withdrawal fee?
  12. Service charge for cash withdrawals at any Bancnet ATMs will vary per bank. But if you use a China Trust Bank ATM, withdrawal fee is FREE.

  13. Can I transfer money from my Cash Card Prime to another Cash Card Prime account thru the Super Service app?
  14. No, you can only transfer to your own Cash Card Prime account.

  15. What is the minimum amount to cash-in?
  16. The minimum cash in amount is P100 per transaction and maximum of P200,000 in 1 month.

  17. How do I inquire my balance? Can I check my balance thru the app?
  18. Your Cash Card Prime balance can be checked through any China Trust Bank ATM for free or at Bancnet ATM with corresponding fees.

  19. How do I reset my PIN?
  20. If you did not change your PIN upon card activation, this will automatically reset 24hrs from the last attempt. If you forgot your PIN, you may go to any USSC branch to request for re-issuance of your PIN.


  1. How to avail the load?
  2. If you have a Smart Retailer SIM, you can purchase load for this sim at any USSC location nationwide.

  3. Is the retailer sim available in the branch?
  4. Retailer sims are not available for purchase yet in our branches.

  5. Is it available in the Super Service app?
  6. Loading of SMART Retailer Wallets is only available at USSC locations nationwide at this time.

  7. Are there load discounts or rebates?
  8. No discounts or rebates are available to retailers at this time but if you load your Smart Retailer Load Wallet in USSC branches, you can enjoy free service fee.


  1. How do I download the USSC Super Service App?
  2. You can bank safely at home with USSC Super Service App. Pay bills, buy load, send money & more.
    Click to find out how to download the app via Google Playstore or to download via Apple App Store.

  3. How do I create an account on the USSC Super Service App?
  4. After downloading the app, choose Sign Up on the log-in page and follow instructions. Make sure you have a valid government ID on hand, as well as your Panalo Kard number if you already have one. Then create your own username and password. After checking all details are correct, click “Confirm”. You will then receive an sms within 24-48 hours with your reference number. Another sms will be sent to inform you that you can now transact on the app.

  5. How do I reset my USSC Super Service App password?
  6. You can click on the “Forgot Password” on the login screen. Use the format MMDDYYYY to input your birthday. Then choose where you prefer to receive your temporary password, via email or sms.

    • For those who chose email, temporary password will be sent to your registered email and will be valid for only 24 hours.
    • For SMS, the temporary password will be sent to your registered mobile number and will be valid for only 10 minutes.


  1. How to process Bank transfer transaction?
  2. Upon logging in to USSC Super Service App, click on the Bank Transfer option on your dashboard and fill up the details.

  3. How much can I transfer to a bank account?
  4. You can transfer a minimum amount of P100.00 and a maximum of P50,000 per transaction and a maximum of P100,000.00 per day.

  5. How much is the fee for bank transfer?
  6. The service fee is P50.00 per transaction.

  7. Is the bank transfer credited real-time?
  8. Credit to account can be processed as fast as 10mins and up to a maximum of 72 banking hours depending on the bank where funds are transferred.

  9. What are the participating banks where funds can be transferred?
  10. The list of partner banks can be found on the Super Service App.

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