P25 Cashback for New Moneygram Customers

Promo Duration: August 1 – Oct 31 2020

  1. New Moneygram customers who will do cash pick up in USSC stores from promo duration will be entitled to P25 cashback, credit to Panalo Wallet (PW), USSC’s own electronic wallet.
  2. To qualify, either a new Panalo Kard (PK)* is required or customer is not an existing Western Union customer in the past 6 months (Jan 1, 2020 – June 30 2020)
  3. P25 cash back will be credited to customer’s Panalo Wallet in the next 24 hours
  4. An SMS notificaiton will be sent to customer upon credit of P25 in PW

*PK number is a unique customer code for each USSC customer that does international or domestic money remittance

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