Super U VIP Loyalty Refer-a-friend Promo

Duration: October 30 to January 31, 2022

  1. To be eligible to earn points, a customer must have a registered and valid U Wallet account number with USSC and a resident of the Philippines.
  2. Customer must be under the Silver, Gold or Platinum level within the promo period.

  4. Points are earned for every new referral who have successfully transacted in any of the company owned USSC stores.
    Tiers Reward Points for the VIP Referrer Reward Points for the Referral
    Silver 50 50
    Gold 50 50
    Platinum 50 50
  5. A VIP referrer earns one (1) raffle entry for every three (3) successful referrals with at least one remittance transaction made at any company owned USSC store within the promo period.
  6. All qualified customers will be notified through an SMS on or before October 29, 2021.
    SMS from USSC:
    For VIP referrer – Enjoy 50 free points for every referral with at least one new remittance transaction made at any USSC store. Your referral code is (XX123456). Plus, get a chance to win as much as P20,000 for every 3 successful referrals. Thank U for helping our family to grow more! Per DTI FTEB-XXXXXX Series of 2021.

  8. A new referral signs up for a U Mobile account at any company owned USSC store and make one remittance transaction.
  9. Present the referral code shared by his/her VIP referrer to the USSC Frontline Assistant during the transaction.
  10. Reward points will be credited to both the VIP referrer and new referral accounts within 24 hours from the transaction date.
  11. Free reward points will be earned from the first send and receive transaction of international and domestic remittance made after signing up. It cannot be used with other succeeding remittance transactions or any branch transactions.
  12. A VIP referrer earns one (1) raffle entry for the REFER, EARN AND WIN PROMO for every three (3) successful referrals with at least one (1) remittance transaction made at any company owned USSC store.
  13. An SMS notification will be sent to the qualified customers the total raffle entries gained per month within the promo period.
    SMS to the VIP referrer – You have earned XX raffle entries to the Super U VIP Loyalty’s Refer, Earn & Win Promo. Watch out for the grand raffle draw on February 10, 2022. Thank U for helping our USSC family grow even more!
  14. Promo period is from October 30 to January 31, 2022.
  15. The raffle draw will be held on February 10, 2022, at USSC Building, 711 EDSA Cubao, Quezon City.
  16. Raffle prizes are as follows:
    1. First Prize – One (1) winner of Php20,000 e-wallet credit
    2. Second Prize – Ten (10) winners of Php5,000 e-wallet credits
    3. Third Prize – Twenty-five (25) winners of Php500 e-wallet credits

  18. This promo is open to all active and current USSC U Card members within The Republic of the Philippines
  19. To avail, the participant should receive the SMS notification bearing the VIP referral code from USSC.
  20. A registered USSC U Card member is understood to have read and agreed with the above stated terms and conditions. USSC shall not be held liable for any tampering, duplication, and/or theft of required documents (i.e., SMS and digital voucher code). The USSC U Card member represents and warrants to USSC that all materials and information provided are authentic, true, and correct and the entries submitted are participants’ own.
  21. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, USSC U Card members agree to give USSC full rights to all information shared such as Full Name, Contact details, Email address, Mobile numbers, and Mailing address for the purposed of advertising, marketing, research, and the like. The information collected is the property of USSC and shall be used for the purpose of this program.


For questions regarding the program, please call (02) 8928-8772. You may also email your queries to

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-130388 Series of 2021
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