USSC Buhay Super

Buhay Super is USSC’s loyalty reward program. Earn points for every transaction done in USSC stores or on the USSC Super Service App which in return may be used for cool rewards or instant cashback! Just keep on transacting to earn more points!

PROMO PERIOD: April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020.


  1. All Panalo Card members are eligible to join the USSC Buhay Super Loyalty Program.
  2. If not Panalo Card member, customer must fill out the Panalo Card application form (available at any USSC service stores or USSC Super Service App) to be enrolled into the program. He will be immediately issued a Panalo Card ID number upon submission of the fully accomplished application form.
  3. The Panalo Card ID number must be used whenever transacting with any USSC service store. Transactions in USSC Super Service App will automatically used Panalo Card ID number registered in the app.
  4. Panalo Card members may have option to buy the new Super Panalo Card with QR Code feature and photo.
  5. By enrolling in the program, the customer agrees to receive SMS or email alerts about the program.

  1. Panalo Card members earn points when transacting in USSC Service Stores and USSC Super Service App.
  2. Number of points per transaction depend on the product/service availed. Refer to Table 1 below.
  3. Points are non-transferrable to other Panalo Card members.

  1. Only the registered Panalo Card members with enough points can qualify to redeem item.
  2. Panalo Card members can view their points accumulated in USSC Super Service App or inquire in any USSC Service Store.
  3. Panalo Card members will qualify to redeem the item when they reach the following points. Refer to Table 2 for the list of items.
  4. To redeem an item, Panalo Card member can go to any USSC Service Store or to their USSC Super Service app account.

    1. Panalo Card member will receive sms notification once successfully redeemed item in USSC Service Store or USSC Super Service App.
    2. The Panalo Card items will be posted in the USSC Service Stores as well as in the USSC official website and facebook page.
    3. Panalo Card members can redeem their items until May 31, 2020.

  1. For questions regarding the program, please call (02) 928-8772.
  2. You may also email your queries to

PER DTI - FTEB Permit No. 5384 Series of 2019.

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