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If you are interested in gaining more revenue in your existing business, then this opportunity is for you. Adding the Western Union Money Transfer service to your business gives you the opportunity to be part of Western Union’s over 8,500 outlets in the Philippines and over 500,000 locations throughout the world. No other remittance company, locally and abroad, has a network with this great a reach that enables customers to send and receive money practically anywhere they need to. Many Filipinos all over the globe trust and choose Western Union’s International Money transfer to bring home their hard earned money to their loved ones and business associates. Philippine residents have also benefited from Western Union’s Domestic Money Transfer because it allows easy remittances within the country. The Western Union system is very modern, fast, reliable, and safe.

U Cash Padala is USSC’s homegrown Domestic Money Transfer Service. It enables customers to send and receive money to and from anywhere in the Philippines, offering an experience that is mabilis, matipid, at maasahan. Being a U Cash Padala partner opens the opportunity for your business to gain additional revenue, whether it's from personal remittances or cash distribution projects channeled through U Cash Padala. Sign-up now and be a part of our growing U Cash Padala network!

Are you looking for a way to help double your income stream? Explore USSC’s Sarap MagTravel (SMT) service. Established in 2007, SMT is the pioneer in the B2B Airline Ticketing Booking System. With over 546 partners nationwide, SMT was created to help Filipinos gain an entrepreneurial spirit by allowing them to book and sell tickets of the country’s major airlines. Whether it’s an add-on to an existing business or a source of extra income, anyone with a good level of determination can easily enjoy the benefits of being an SMT ticketing partner using its domestic and international platform. Partners can easily earn as much as Php 15,000 a month or more by taking advantage of SMT’s low service fees, the lowest in the market today. With its convenient online booking system and funding, free training, no registration fees and cash bonds, it’s easy to know why more and more people are signing up to become part of the most profitable airline ticketing system today.

With USSCs network of over 800 stores, USSC can handle cash disbursement services to your clients like cash loans, refunds, premium earnings and even government cash assistance.

Aside from being a remittance pay and send partner of USSC, you can get more opportunities to earn for your business by being a cash-in and cash-out location for USSC’s electronic wallet, the U Mobile Wallet.

Sa Pay1st, ikaw ang 1st!

We live in a time where customers want to pay when, where and how they want. They want everything done seamlessly and in exchange, business owners get happier customers and an increase in sales. For most business owners, the preferred network for all their business transactions can be found in Pay1st. Boasting over 700 branches nationwide, Pay1st is the new, safe, and convenient payment choice for customers. Servicing merchants from varied industries and locations, any customer is sure to find a branch that is nearest to them; and with longer operating hours from Monday to Sunday, payments are sure to be made hassle-free. What’s more is, Pay1st’s user-friendly interface makes it effortless for business owners to monitor their daily performance. A merchant can easily view their transaction history including the statement of account, bank transfers, and branch cash-outs anytime they please. Pay1st will even update merchants through SMS for every transaction done. And along with all these benefits, you can be sure that all your financial information is securely stored

Simple, fast, safe, and seamless—reach your goals whether you have a small, medium, or large business because with Pay1st you can be sure that we will always put your needs first!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does the Pay1st payment system work?
    • Customer goes to the nearest USSC branch.
    • Customer fills out the form provided by the FLA.
    • Payment will be sent to the merchant for a very competitive rate
    • Customer receives proof of payment after a successful transaction
  2. What are the services being offered by Pay1st?
    • Payment Collection
    • Customer Refund
    • Wallet Cash Out
    • Automated Bank Transfer
  3. How much are the fees of the services offered by the Pay1st System?

    Transaction Fees, refund, and other charges may vary depending on the agreed rate between the MERCHANT and USSC. No bank transfer fees are imposed as of the moment.

  4. How can the partner MERCHANT withdraw the amount of collections? And How much is the limit amount?

    1. Automated Bank Transfer - The merchant can set the automated transfer based on their preferred schedule (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly). This means that all collections or the ending balances of the previous business day are automatically processed by our system to be transferred to the merchant's designated bank account.

    2. Manual Bank Transfer - The merchant can opt to manually input in the Pay1st system their desired amount for transfer as long as it does not exceed their current wallet balance. Any amount processed by the merchant beyond 8:00 am will be credited to their designated bank account the next working day.

    3. Branch Cash Out - The merchant can also withdraw from the USSC branches. The amount for cash out must not exceed their current wallet balance and is only limited to Php 20,000.00 per day.

    Requests from 8am – 12:59pm will be transferred within the day (Starts at 1pm)

    Requests from 1:00pm – 7:59am (next day) will be transferred the next day.

  5. How do I ensure that my account is safe upon cash out?

    Once a merchant requests for a branch Cash Out using their account, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to them through SMS (Cellphone number will be provided by the Merchant Owner) that will be valid for 24 hours. The password must then be presented to the FLA upon cash out. Once a cash out is successful, the FLA will give a proof of the cash out to the merchant. Signatures must be affixed thereafter.

  6. For cash out transactions, can I send a representative to pick up my money?

    We can release the money to your representative provided that they present a valid ID and an OTP. A Pay 1st merchant can have up to 5 authorized representatives.

  7. As a merchant, how do I track the activity in my account?

    As a USSC Pay1st merchant, you have free, secure to your account online. This can monitor the following:

    • Transaction history
    • Statement of Account
    • Summary of reports
    • Bank Transfer
    • Branch Cash Out

    SMS notifications are also given for every transaction made.

  8. How does Pay1st issue refunds?
    • Merchant tags the transaction for refund
    • Customer goes to the nearest USSC branch and fills out the form provided by the FLA.
    • Customer is refunded the amount paid to the merchant
  9. What are the requirements to become a Pay1st merchant?
    Aspiring merchants may contact the following for inquiries and requirements:
    • North Luzon : Malou M. Panis (malou.panis@usscbusiness.com.ph)
    • Metro Manila and South Luzon : Roberto T. Arciaga (robert.arciaga@usscbusiness.com.ph)
    • Visayas and Mindanao : Ireen May Y. Camena (ireenmay.yap@usscbusiness.com.ph)
  10. What are the operating hours of a USSC branch?
    USS branches situated inside malls are open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Sunday while other USSC branches and kiosks are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

With USSCs network of over 800 stores, USSC can handle cash disbursement services to your clients like cash loans, refunds, premium earnings and even government cash assistance.

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Monday-Sunday, 9:00am-6:00pm Customer Service Hotline: (63) 2 8928-USSC (8772) Customer Service E-mail: customer_service@ussc.com.ph